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A city model is a digital interface for smart cities

With their partners, the City of Espoo and Sito Ltd have joined RYM Ltd’s EUE program to leap to the forefront of digitalization in city planning and building. In digitalization, the key solution lies in a city model, which is integrated with city processes and can enable genuine and complex interaction.

”According to our approach, a city model is a constantly updated virtual city that provides a service platform for a range of service innovations For this to happen, we need public access to information through open interfaces,” says Kari Tuukkanen, Director, ICT Solutions at Sito Ltd.

Tuukkanen considers city planning to be a prime example of an area where we need visionaries who are ready to meet future challenges. ”For example, when the first robot cars will emerge, maybe within the next five to seven years, the classic in-car navigator maps will become obsolete. Robot cars require 3D HD maps, a dynamically updated 3D model of the built environment, and real-time data on traffic, parking etc.,” continues Tuukkanen.

An open city model for Espoo’s core areas

In the EUE’s Regional Innovation Environment (RIE) package, city modelling focuses on the 3T area in Espoo (Tapiola, Otaniemi, Keilaniemi) and the connecting Länsimetro development corridor. This is designed to provide a pilot for a regional data model and show in practice how an open city model can serve urban development and the related innovation and citizens’ services.