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Results of Sito’s customer study 2016

Compared to the previous year’s results, our customers’ image of Sito as a service company has improved in terms of almost every aspect and indicator. For this we thank our customers and everyone at Sito!

In line with our strategy, Sito conducted an image survey in March and April 2016, mapping our customers’ image of us and customer satisfaction, while seeking to identify areas in need of development. The survey was conducted as a telephone interview with 200 respondents. Innolink Research Oy handled the practical realisation of the study.

Our greatest successes

  • Sito is fair and honest (4,1/5)
  • Sito employs great people who set high standards for themselves (4,1/5)
  • Sito can see the whole and understands customer needs (3,9/5)
  • Sito’s quality is consistent and Sito brings together the best team (3,9/5)
  • Sito takes account of end users and their needs (3,9/5)

Key results

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Sito’s services is 34 (33 in 2015). Among the respondents, 39% reported that the likelihood that they would recommend Sito was at a level of 9 or 10 (38% in 2015).

A total of 13% of them felt that the quality of Sito’s services had increased over the past year, while 87% found that the quality had remained at the same level.

Benefits of the customer study

We will go through the feedback we have received carefully, and contact those who gave us positive or negative feedback.

– We humbly accept all feedback given to us, and will work hard to improve our result by another increment in next year’s study, says Deputy Managing Director Kimmo Anttalainen, commenting on this year’s results.