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Municipal Engineering Achievement award for the Lahti Travel Center – Sito was responsible for designing the infrastructure

The Finnish Association of Municipal Engineering awarded this year’s Municipal Engineering Achievement award to the Lahti Travel Center (shared first place) for bold urban landscape realization and architecture. The awards were given at the municipal engineering event in Mariehamn on June 9, 2016.


Sito acted as the principal planner of infrastructure in the project and was responsible for areas such as traffic, bridge, structure, geotechnical, street, drainage, environmental, and lighting planning. Projectus Team Oy, now part of Ramboll Finland Oy, carried out the HVAC design as Sito’s subconsultant, while JKMM Architects were responsible for the architectural design.

In addition to the impressive results, the project was a through success. Transfers from long-distance buses and trains to local buses, and pedestrian and bicycle pathways have been taken into account in an outstanding way when designing the Travel Center. The project was carried out as a project alliance in a demanding traffic environment in the center of the city. Schedules and cost estimates were still adhered to.

Congratulations to the City of Lahti, Sito’s Project Manager Taina Kuparinen and the rest of the project team.


In the picture flowers are also accepted by Taina Kuparinen from Sito.