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New MERIMA computer models take account of Sulphur Emission Control Areas as well

The new versions of the international maritime emissions project (MERIMA) models (the total emissions model and the emissions comparison model) have been completed. The new models take account of Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECAs) where the sulphur limit for fuel used by ships is set at 0.1 per cent.

The latest versions calculate emissions by emission component, and fuel consumption, fuel costs, emission costs, goods tons and ton-kilometers. These versions also include calculation by sea area (the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channel and other sea areas, or areas outside the SECA area and the North American SECA area).

The total emissions model can be used for studying all maritime transport in Finland and making versatile scenarios concerning it. The emissions comparison model, on the other hand, allows comparisons between two ports and ship-specific visits. Various factors, including the default speed of various vessel types, share of cargo of DWT, ship size, type of goods, target and departure areas of shipments, fuel data, and the share of various ship types of the traffic, can be adjusted in the scenarios of both models.

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency and the Finnish Transport Agency were responsible for the funding and steering of the project. At the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, the project was steered by Jorma Kämäräinen (Chair of the steering group) together with Taneli Antikainen from the Finnish Transport Agency.

The project was implemented by Sito Ltd. The project team was as follows: Ilkka Salanne (Project leader, Sito), Marko Tikkanen (Sito) and Kari Mäkelä (up to 2015 VTT, after that TREMMO).

Sito has been developing and updating the international maritime emissions project (MERIMA) computer models since 2009. The latest MERIMA results report (in Finnish) is available on the Finnish Transport Safety Agency website at: http://www.trafi.fi/filebank/a/1475836494/975a725e4515daed0dfdbdc89ef7cbc8/22754-Trafin_julkaisuja_20-2016_-_MERIMA_Tulosraportti_FINAL_2005-2015_07102016.pdf