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New sustainability tool introduced: Sitowise now has four certified CEEQUAL sustainability experts

HelA CEEQUAL sustainability expert training course was organised in Helsinki on 27–28 June 2017. Successful completion of the course entitles the participant to act as a CEEQUAL Assessor for infrastructure projects. CEEQUAL is an international, evidence-based sustainability assessment and rating scheme that can be applied to various infrastructure projects.

CEEQUAL is part of the operations of the British Bre Global Ltd. Bre Global Ltd also maintains more widely known sustainability systems, such as the BREEAM system for the environmental classification of buildings as well as the BREEAM Communities sustainability tool suitable for large-scale development projects.

The aim of the CEEQUAL tool and rating is to find the best possible way to implement infrastructure projects while taking into account the economic, social and environmental perspectives. The assessment of projects is carried out through 200 questions that fall under the following themes:

  • Project management
  • Land use
  • Landscape
  • Ecology and biodiversity
  • Historic environment
  • Water resources and water environment
  • Energy and carbon
  • Material use
  • Waste management
  • Transport
  • Effects on neighbours
  • Relations with the local community and other stakeholders

In addition to the environmental and image benefits, using the CEEQUAL process has also led to significant economic benefits in projects.  The method is fully scalable and can be applied to design, contracting as well as customer operations.

Contact Sitowise’s CEEQUAL experts:

Sakari Grönlund, tel. +358 20 747 6190, sakari.gronlund (at) sito.fi

Merilin Vartia, tel. +358 20 747 6528, merilin.vartia (at) sito.fi

Elina Väistö, tel. +358 20 747 6137, elina.vaisto (at) sito.fi

Sanna Vaalgamaa, tel. +358 20 747 7432, sanna.vaalgamaa (at) sito.fi