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Regional reporting application delivered by Sito awarded

The city of Espoo published innovation competition winners. The shared first place went to regional reporting application delivered by Sito to the city of Espoo.

The application is intended as a management tool for city planning and monitoring. It allows the monitoring of, for example, the development of street construction costs. The service produces map-based data on city and infrastructure development in the city.

The key content of the reporting system makes strategic policies and decisions visible and mirrors monitoring data against set objectives. The principal users of the service include city management, unit managers, supervisors and service providers.  Management through information ensures that decision-making is supported by up-to-date and high-quality information on the past, the present and the future. The application has helped to improve the accuracy of information and increased the efficiency of information production.

In regional reporting, specific attention was paid to the simplicity of the user interface and a clear layout, so that regional information can be displayed quickly and clearly. Instead of focusing on individual sites, information is displayed collectively for larger areas, such as planning areas. This makes it easy to perceive meaningful entities,” says head of unit Mikko Ristikangas from Sito. “A lot of effort has also gone into data mining from various operative systems,” Ristikangas says.

The data available through the service is public and free of charge. Being open, the data created by the application has already been used to produce new types of services.

The competition was founded by Mayor Jukka Mäkelä and sought to find innovations by personnel in two categories: innovations that have already borne results and potential innovations that can be implemented later. The innovation competition encourages the improvement and development of the city’s services or the internal functionality of the organisation.

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