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Sito joins Cleantech Finland

Sito has signed a membership agreement with Cleantech Finland. Sito considers that cleantech collaboration will support the company’s aims and create new opportunities.

Cleantech is an expert network that brings together leading Finnish experts in environmental business. Its purpose is to promote Finland as a leading expert in environmental matters by mating its member enterprises’ solutions with global environmental challenges.

We are seeking both new markets and new partners and consider that Cleantech cooperation will foster excellent potential for both of these aspects. Cleantech cooperation involves both national and international networking with various actors in the sector. “I firmly believe that by networking and engaging in cooperation we can achieve good results,” says Tapio Puurunen, managing director of Sito.

“We are a company that firmly integrates the environmental angle in all operations and services. Our purpose is to make living environments more pleasant while complying with sustainable development and promoting flexible and environmentally friendly designs and actively addressing issues of environmental change. Infrastructure and transport, with their environmental aspects, form a big part of Cleantech projects. I believe that in this we are uniquely positioned to bring expertise to the table,” says Puurunen.

“We are also looking at the international market, particularly China. We have a bridgehead in China and a promising partnership there. Our Cleantech cooperation will undoubtedly support these efforts,” says Tapio Puurunen.