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Sito to Treat Wastewater Treatment Plant Runoffs

Sito is participating in the Ministry of the Environment’s project to improve nutrient recycling and the current state of the Archipelago Sea. (Raki Program)

In May 2013 the wastewater treatment plant in Nurmijärvi started a pilot experiment in which the wastewater is treated with geotube® technology.

The project is funded by the Ministry of the Environment and it is designed to cut down the water runoff from the wastewater treatment plant and improve plant risk management.  In addition, the project aim is to research the suitability of passive treatment of sludge as a means of improving sludge use as a fertilizer. The applied sludge concept is developed by Sito.

The goal is to create a functioning system suited for all plants that will help manage water runoff and special situations at a reasonable cost.