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Online Invoicing

Our online invoicing operator: Tieto Oyj (identification number 003701011385)

Sito Oy

Business ID: 2335445-0, Online invoicing / OVT: TE003723354450

Sito Rakennuttajat Oy

Business ID: 2655301-7, Online invoicing / OVT: TE003726553017

Arkkitehtitoimisto Mikko Heikkilä Sito Oy

Business ID: 0739728-2 , Online invoicing / OVT: TE003707397282


If it is not possible for you to send an online invoice, please send all invoices concerning the group member companies by mail to the following address:

“Company name”, Purchase invoices

Tuulikuja 2, 02100 Espoo, Finland

We also ask, that you reference the buyer’s name on the invoice or use some other reference given by the buyer.