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Architect services and underground spaces

We offer our entire expertise in underground and above-ground construction  and architectural design from one place. As a customer, you get enthusiastic and experienced specialist know-how which covers the various components of sustainable planning.

These sectors are customer-orientation, the operational and technical quality of solutions, the site’s own aesthetics, and adaptation to the cityscape as well as its economy during the entire life cycle.

At your disposal, the field’s top talented people, who are competent in the field’s most advanced technologies: CAD design with various programs, visual presentation of the data modelling and final product.

Architect services

Our professional skill covers the entire construction and architectural design and planning field. We have over 20 years of experience in residential, business, shopping centre and workplace construction as well as various levels of learning environments.  Planning is based on data modelling and the visualization of the site from the first stage of the project onwards. This ensures the error-free planning and comparability with other specialist designers.

Cost estimating is easy during the entire planning period, and overlapping tasks during the design process are thereby minimized. We follow the development of both the planning field and building services engineering and apply operational technologies as the first ones to do so.

Underground spaces

Through underground construction, it is possible to improve the quality of the environment and life by placing functions beneath the earth surface that may not have to be placed on the surface or which cause detriment.

Sport and leisure facilities, for example, naturally suit placement underground, as well as parking premises and maintenance tunnels along with obstacles and functions that above ground cause detriment, such as traffic routes and warehouses.