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3D city models and visualizations

We generate graphic materials and digital applications for the use of the built-up environment life cycle at various times, for a very wide variety of uses on the Internet and in mobile user interfaces.

We generate more and more designs in computer-modelled 3D format, even if we also produce 3D and computer-modelled materials in projects where the delivery is still in the traditional 2D environment.

During planning, we realize combined models on the basis of those in various design fields, and we publish them at the desired quality level for internal and external communications. We generate the various materials as required for desired interface services as part of other life cycle stages, such as energy calculations, property supervision, processes related to use and upkeep and the support of end-user processes.

It is important to identify the process stage and need for use. In some situations, a mere 3D still image is sufficient, whilst in a wider case we generate an entire urban 2D-3D-4D system containing maintenance services, 3D web and mobile user interfaces for the materials.  We are developing our services more and more to standards that rely on computer-modelled and information interface formats.

We function actively in national computer-modelled projects and closely follow international developments surrounding the field. We relate to future-based integrated computer-modelled services innovatively and apply best practices to make the operations of our customers more efficient for the development of entirely new functions.

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