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Aino Production

We produce solutions linked with the acquisition, storage, maintenance and distribution of geospatial data as well as map, terrain model and aerial photo materials.

When you need, base maps, terrain models, orthophotographs or other geospatial data materials for your demanding planning tasks as source data or for infrastructure asset management, your best choice is Aino.

We generate materials cost-effectively, applying them flexibly for various planning software and coordinate systems.

Base maps

Generation of new base maps for the needs of zoning, infrastructure planning and maintenance based on laser scanning and aerial photography.

Terrain models

Production of terrain models using, as source data, infrastructure planning and maintenance. We also generate virtual and web models.


Production of new digital orthophotographs.

Infrastructure asset inventory

We do inventories with the most effective methods (for instance, laser scanning of a motor vehicle and old plan documents-based digitalization); e.g. traffic signs and other terrain-based assets. If required, we also inventory the condition of the asset and offer Louhi Information Services for the management of the organization’s infrastructure asset.

In addition to the production of the materials, we offer support services:

  • transformations of set of coordinates and formats
  • quality inspections of materials
  • specialist assistance in obtaining materials and mapping work.