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Dredging and rehabilitation of waterways

Sito Project Management  functions in construction contracting tasks in dredging and port developing projects on several levels, covering the preparation stage as well as construction and warranty period procedures. Our personnel have extensive experience in the planning and implementation of domestic and foreign dredging and port construction projects.

Dredging projects

We are experts in dredging projects both on waterways and industry.  We have the expertise to clarify the advantages and disadvantages of various dredging methods with regard to both technical implementation and costs. Our operations include, for example:

  • dredging of contaminated sediments including the further processing of dredging masses
  • dredging of soft masses by means of suction dredging and mechanical methods
  • dredging of hard masses by means of mechanical excavation methods
  • underwater excavations
  • sea sand lifting excavations with a suction dredger and by mechanical dredging equipment
  • relief renovations of industrial basins
  • renovations of waterways
  • processing of industrial sludges, waste waters and wet wastes

In addition to the tasks in accordance with the task list for construction contracting, our services in dredging projects also include:

  •  planning of deposition of sea sediments
  •  beneficial use of dredging masses and planning for the filling of dredged areas and implementation
  •  measures related to the acquisition of environmental and water permits
  •  preparation of environmental monitoring programs and implementation of follow-up as well as analysis of results
  •  planning of quality assurance for dredging work and assessment of the results of quality assurance measures

Significant dredging projects that we have been involved with during the last few years:

  • Dredgings and expansion marine filling of Helsinki’s West Harbour extension area and entrances, 2010–2011
  • Dredging and marine filling of Helsinki’s Jätkäsaari extension area, 2011–2012
  • Dredgings and marine fillings of Helsinki’s Kalasatama area construction project, 2010–2012

All of these projects have also contained the peeling and further processing of contaminated surface sediment

  • The rehabilitation of Lake Gallträsk in Kauniainen, realization 2009–2011
  • Lake Ilajanjärvi’s Särkilahti rehabilitation in Ilomantsi, realization 2013

Geotube® technology

With exclusive rights, Sito imports Geotube® technology to Finland. It is well-suited for processing various sludges, waste waters and wet wastes. The method is used successfully in industry (in, for instance, the mining, steel, oil processing, paper and cellulose industries), at community silt-processing stations, in renovations to waterways, and in various types of waste water processing. The method offers the possibility to handle sludges and waste waters by separating the solid from the water, making it possible to cost-effectively achieve great financial savings in overall expenses. The method can be used all year round and  it does not require much land surface, which is a great advantage especially at industrial sites.