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Green roofs and yards

As the urban structure has increased in density, the parks and yards located on top of various cover structures as well as green roofs have become common. Their planning requires multi-disciplinary technical know-how. In planning green covers and yards, we strive towards durable, aesthetically high-standard and cost-effective solutions.

Planning of green roofs and yards

Green roofs are planted areas on top of various cover structures, linked with sitting areas and surface materials as well as fixtures and accessories. They are both technically and ecologically challenging planning sites. Environmental planning on top of a cover structure that is enjoyable and microclimatically pleasant requires both expertise and experience. The designer must know the effect of the alignment of the surface on the control of waste water and lead-through solutions as well as, for instance, the significance of substrate and snow on the loading of the structure. Moisture- and substrate-related conditions as well as the wind factor affect the success of plantings.

Green roofs are roof surfaces covered with vegetation. They are new types of urban ecological green areas that increase the diversity of the urban surroundings. Green roofs create enjoyment, and through their aid it is possible to control waste water, reduce noise and improve air quality. Roof vegetation also reduces the building’s energy costs, because in the summer the air-conditioning requirement of a green-covered building is less than what is usual. At the same time, vegetation protects the roof structure from UV rays and mechanical wear and tear.

The point of departure at Sito in its cover and green roof designs is to design a safe, pleasant and sustainable environment. A high-quality product is ensured by versatile expertise as well as an extensive cooperation network.