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Landscape surveys and plans

The landscape surveys and plans include cultural landscape surveys and contain master and zoning plans, road, route or project plans-related inventories of built-up sites, impact assessments based on initial information, and wide-scale plan-based landscape management designs and strategies.

In addition to landscape planners, various specialists in the environment service area participate in such surveys and plans, since wide-scale plan design generally requires versatile expertise. In addition, we engage in cooperation with leading specialists in built-up and culturohistorical environments.

Good surveys are the key to successful planning

The characteristics of the natural cultural landscape are an important point of departure for any planning project. Appropriate inventory and survey work, analysis and reporting are typical initial-stage tasks for a planning project, which landscape planning and environmental service areas offer on a cooperative basis.

Often large projects must be planned gradually when basic surveys are ordered as an assignment independent from other service areas. Regional development as well as municipal or province-based project planning and scheduling also require wide-scale, plan-based strategic design – a pivotal component of which is the control of realization costs. Due to the offices we have situated both in the Helsinki capital region and in various parts of Finland, our specialists have excellent regional knowledge of the country as a whole.