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Port construction

Our specialists have been implementing port projects over a very wide sector starting with marinas and going right up to large cargo and passenger ports. Our experience is made up of domestic projects together with innumerable foreign port projects.

Our operations have covered construction contracting tasks from the project-planning stage right up to the end of the warranty period.

Quay structures are familiar to us, and we are experts in assessing, e.g. the impact of soil conditions and dock-based purpose of use on the suitability of various structural alternatives in the technical sense, as well as from the perspective of costs. We are also familiar with the construction and assembly technologies of dock construction as well as knowing how to assess the suitability of use of various structural alternatives in each construction project.

We are well-briefed in the area of quality assurance methods for port structures whether what is concerned is concrete and steel structures, pipings or even port field surface structures. Our personnel have experience in building and developing port terminals and fields starting from fills rising from the sea bottom level right up to the top layers.  You can find specialists from Sito in the development of port-based special structures and details, whether rail structures, pipings, cablings or even lighting solutions are concerned.

We have familiarized ourselves comprehensively also in port building environmental matters, and our Sito Group experts also function widely in port project environmental permit processes and environmental monitoring.

The most significant port structure sites in which our experts have been involved during the last few years are:

  • Helsinki West Harbour expansion, 2010 –
  • Helsinki Vuosaari Harbour AP pier construction, 2011–2012
  • Helsinki Vuosaari Harbour Project, 2003–2008
  • Ro-ro dock, Kalshamn, Sweden, 2003
  • Cellulose factory dock, Timrå, Sweden, 2002–2003

Some of Finland’s leading port and other water structure projects-related planning and construction contracting specialists, who have the competence required by the demands of the projects concerned, are employed by Sito.