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Public green areas

The planning of general areas is composed of general and construction-specific planning of parks, green areas, environments having culturohistorical importance, exercise and recreational areas, marinas and cemeteries. In these, we strive to achieve original, ecological and aesthetically high-standard as well as cost-effective solutions. Multidisciplinary approaches ensure an innovative final result.

The general areas are common surroundings for all. The starting point for planning is generally the existing built-up or natural environment as well as the structure of the landscape. With good planning, the special features and original stamp of the landscape and cityscape are developed or at least the natural and cultural-historic values are maintained, in addition to the creation of a viable and enjoyable environment for users.

Terrain work belongs to the planning process of the general areas, as well as the analysis phase, comparison of plan alternatives, assessment of impacts and dialogue with interest groups. In the planning, the expertise and perspectives of interest groups and other experts are utilized.

The operational and cityscape-based goals of the general areas may be quite diversified in character. At times even contradictory goals can, however, be reconciled by means of close interest group effort.

In planning general areas, we benefit from the long-term experience of our experts in the design of urban environments. In technically demanding targets, the urban and landscape planners engage in close cooperation with planners in base-building technology, engineer structures and bridges.