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Public transport

We create the facilities for user-oriented, high-quality and, at the same time, effectively organized public transport.

Our versatile public transport know-how covers comprehensively the whole spectrum from the planning of scheduled services to the planning of land use and infrastructure supporting public transport. Our operational field covers entire Finland.

Our planning always starts from the perspective of the user. Together with our customers, we want to make public transport into a genuinely competitive transport mode no matter where we plan it.

We improve the user experience with complete forms of services, by which means the use of public transport is highly functional as well as maximally easy and simple.

Products and services:

  • Public transport and service level plans
  • Passenger transport development
  • Market analyses and requirement surveys
  • Development of information and usability
  • Service design of mobility and traffic
  • Special themes of bus, rail and air traffic
  • Public transport infrastructure