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Soil and water

In the construction targeted on the environment and as a result of human action, impacts are caused to the soil and bedrock as well as ground and surface waters. Surveys and impact assessments are an essential part of the planning and implementation stage related to various projects. We implement these surveys.

As typical tasks, we describe the current status of conditions, assess the impacts of measures planned, design means to alleviate and prevent possible detrimental impacts, formulate environmental environmental monitoring programmes and prepare permit applications.

The soil and bedrock as well as ground and surface waters interact with each other, and for this reason we acquaint ourselves with the target areas as holistically and as drainage base-specifically as possible. Our experienced experts examine the phenomena linked with ground and water as a team, whereupon all influential factors are taken into account.

We consider it important that the extent of the inspections and impact assessments as well as the inspection level correspond to customer needs as well as the boundary conditions set by the environmental authorities and related regulations. We respect nature-based values in our work and observe the principles of sustainable use.

Products and services:

  • Ground and surface water surveys and monitoring
  • Protection plans for ground water areas
  • Water and environmental permits
  • Drainage water surveys and flood protection
  • Loading and impact assessments
  • Rehabilitation planning and supervision of contaminated land
  • Soil- and sediment-based contamination studies
  • Geological natural resources-based surveys
  • Permits and plans connected with the extraction of soil
  • Environmental permits and announcements
  • Environmental data management systems