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Special tasks in rock engineering

Construction in the future will to an ever increasing degree go for underground construction projects and operations. The largest number of mines  are realized as underground  excavations,  traffic routes, parking facilities and water purification plants, and many other facilities will be placed  in the bedrock in the future.

Sito has good know-how in the planning of the above-mentioned facilities. We have also strong experience in rock engineering both on land and underground, in addition to looking after special tasks connected with rock engineering.

We have assisted the customer as well as planning and contractor organizations. Our clientele has comprised, in Finland and abroad, among others:

  • energy companies
    • project management
    • reviewing and special surveys of functional spaces,
    • the coordination of R&D projects and specialist tasks related to them
    • steering group work respective to projects
    • contractual interpretations
  • water companies
    • reviewing of plans
    • work plans
    • schedule and cost inspections
  • rock engineering and contracting companies
    • business operations-based development tasks
    • PPP-project tender stage project management
    • development of quality management systems
    • risk management
    • project and work site management
    • work site and production planning
    • contract calculation
    • subcontractors’ assessments
    • training and orientation of personnel
    • work site supervision
  • mining companies and equipment manufacturers
    • development projects for mining processors and equipment
  • design offices
    • practical feasibility assessment and planning related to plans
    • scheduling and cost assessments
    • construction time planning tasks

We have, in addition to our own personnel, a comprehensive Finnish and foreign network, and we can always put together the best possible team for the client’s needs and thereby assure light at the end of the tunnel.