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Traffic modelling

We comprehensively model and study the transport system requirements and the impacts of traffic solutions.

Traffic models are important tools for the strategic planning of traffic right through to the planning of the physical structures. We offer modelling services for all planning levels. Our versatile expertise in the modelling of traffic is utilized during the various stages of planning in large multidisciplinary projects.

We have the readiness to model and simulate the operations of almost all modes of transport. We generate 3D virtual models, simulations and visual materials with the standard of precision required by our customers.

Products and services:

  • Preparation and estimation of traffic models
  • Traffic surveys on the zoning and strategic levels
  • Traffic forecasts with regard to transport systems
  • Traffic-based detailed simulations and functionality inspections
  • Traffic impact inspections
  • Public transport modelling and simulation
  • Modelling and simulation of freight traffic and logistics systems
  • Pedestrian and cycle route simulation
  • Software representation, sales and training