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Traffic planning

We ensure, through our strong traffic planning expertise, effective and well-functioning planning solutions

We offer our extensive traffic planning know-how to the various stages of planning, from zoning to worktime-specific planning. Our goal is to plan smooth and safe solutions for travelling on foot, cycling, public transport and the various forms of motor vehicle traffic.

Our clientele includes cities, municipalities and building firms, and we work together with architects and specialists in other design fields. Our specialist services cover the following fields of expertise:

Our planning targets

  • City centre areas, residential areas and streets
  • Zonal traffic planning
  • Parking facilities, shopping centres, travel centres, logistics centres and transport terminals
  • Port, hospital and school areas

Our products

  • Traffic network plans
  • Zone-based traffic plans
  • Plans for streets and other areas’ traffic arrangements
  • Plans for travelling on foot and cycling
  • Parking surveys
  • Plans for parking facilities
  • Wheel track surveys
  • Service traffic plans
  • Rescue route plans
  • Traffic arrangements during construction work