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Maintenance of bridges and special structures

In addition to new construction, old structures must also be renewed and repaired.

Sito has the required professional skill and competence to carry out  projects of various requirement levels and sizes as well as in overseeing the client’s benefit in different kinds of special structure -projects.  In bridge sites, we have – in addition to construction contracting and supervisory tasks – qualifications as well as professional skill lasting years in doing general and special inspections on bridges. These services are offered by the specialists and designer in the  Project Management and Maintenance as well as Bridges and Structures service areas.

We have, in addition, several supervisors who are qualified security coordinators and have many years of experience in project security coordination.

Our specialist services in the maintenance of special structures (bridges and other special structures) are, moreover, at your disposal in all tasks concerning the monitoring of the condition of structures, procedural programming and the planning of repair investments, as well as their realization.

We are capable of offering service packages defined on a project-by-project basis whose advantage is flexibility and their trouble-free character, as well as cost-effective project management. On Sito’s level, we are capable of offering the services as one entity from the initial planning of the project to the programming of maintenace.