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We offer our customers versatile and tailored solutions in a comprehensive manner by implementing holistic surveys connected with the environment, living habitat and people, as well as research and development projects. We also procure and build related services.

In accordance with the requirements of our customers, we implement, for instance, various assessment and permit processes as well as prepare master and construction plans. In addition, we implement services connected with extensive area entities from the planning of land use to construction, upkeep and maintenance.

We always strive to find the best solution together with the customer, observing environmentally sustainable solutions. We naturally combine environmental issues with transport and social planning, construction contracting and the management of information property in our work.



We carry out surveys, assessments, ecosystem services and ecological networks-based planning.


WATER_2Soil and water

We offer versatile soil and bedrock as well as ground and surface water-related specialist services.


SURVEYS_2Environmental surveys and assessments

We offer surveys and research studies connected with the environment, in addition to looking after assessment and permit processes.


NOISE_2Noise and vibration

We offer high-quality expertise and peak know-how in noise and vibration surveys.


MATERIAL CIRCULATION_2Material circulation and wastes

In our planning, we promote the effective beneficial use of various materials that takes the environment into consideration.


Foundation_smallEnvironmental construction contracting

We offer, in addition to project management, construction contracting and supervision, innovative technologies, products and solutions.