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Digital services

We are Finland’s only specialist in municipalities’ and the infrastructure field’s operational data and information systems. We deliver solutions as support for decision-making.

We have productized our services into two entities: Aino Data services for the data requirements of customers and Louhi services as system solutions for clients’ situation management.


louhi_150Louhi services

The service enables the seamless, comprehensive and easy combination of information from already existing systems.


netti_ainoAino Data services

The service enables all location data materials to go to information systems in a compatible, up-to-date manner.


In addition, we provide consulting and training with regard to the development of activities based on location-bound information. We also implement location data-sourced strategy projects as support for our customers’ business operations.

We also offer requirement specifications as well as guidelines. Due to their impact, the material processes and information systems of our customers remain at best at the peak of development on a continuous basis.