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We offer versatile environmental and landscape planning-based expertise, covering both the built-up and non-built environs.

Our services cover not only extensive cultural and route environment entities but also park and courtyard planning on the detailed level. We have particularly strong know-how in planning connected with waterways, covering the natural handling of drainage water, port surroundings and shore construction.

Our expertise is solid also in the planning of historical environments, route architecture and street environs, as well in the planning of various roof and cover yard solutions.

Landscape surveys and landscaping plans in addition to various zonal surveys are also an area where we have long-term experience. Moreover, we are highly capable of contracting planning, construction contracting and consultation on upkeep.

Wide cooperation on behalf of customers

In all projects, we engage in cooperation with Sito’s other service and expertise areas in accordance with need. In special questions, we utilize our partners and Sito’s specialists in various fields with respect to, e.g. interaction, drainage water modelling or historical sites. Multidisciplinary character enables the generation of innovative solutions and the continuous development of know-how.

The goals of our planning work target a functional, safe and enjoyable environment that is aesthetically of a high standard and a sustainable entity right up to the final details. Culturohistorical and ecological starting points are always taken into account, and the protection of ecosystem services represents the point of departure for all planning.

We use the latest programs and geospatial data materials in our work. We emphasise the easy visibility of the designs and, if required, we utilize Sito’s strong modelling know-how in accordance with the client’s needs and hopes.


  • General and implementation planning for parks and green areas
  • Environmental design that supports the planning of land use
  • Landscape surveys and landscape maintenance plans
  • Drainage water plans and surveys
  • Street, road and rail environment planning
  • Planning of special areas (for instance, ports, landscape damage sites)
  • Planning of yards, green covers and covered yards
  • The living city’s healthy environment