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Rock and geotechnical engineering

Rock and geotechnical engineering are the sound foundation for every project in  built environment. We design the rock and foundation structures for all types of construction.

The importance of rock and geotechnical engineering is growing in construction projects due to the requirements of the built environment and aim to prevail the nature and its resources.  This significance is emphasised with the acceleration in land use as well as with the reduction in the availability of building materials, together with the increase in the demands imposed on them.

Rock engineering deals with underground facilities and open pits structures so that the remaining structures function as strong, safe and long-lasting structures. In planning, the demands of the environment are taken into account not only for the management of ground water but also for impacts during the construction process, such as vibration.

Geotechnical engineering fits together the subsoil with upper structures

The aim of the geotechnical engineering is to consolidate  the interaction between soil and structures in a planned and predicted manner.  A requirement for foundation structures is to secure the safety in all circumstances. Objectives include long lasting and economical structures so that collapses are prevented, and harmful settlements, differential settlements as well as frost damages are eliminated..

Ground and surface water management  is on one of the key factors in assuring safety and  durable structures as well as in the systematic preservation of natural conditions. With geotechnics, it is possible to positively influence on many kinds of environmental protection demands with regard also to functionality and economical aspects.

Rock and foundation engineering based on reliable site investigations form a significant part of all the built environment to be constructed and maintained:


• Traffic routes: roads, streets, rail lines, water ways and their bridges and tunnels

• Bridges, tunnels and environmental structures

•  Urban, industrial and housing construction and development projects as well as their underground spaces

• Harbours, marinas and maritime construction projects

• Sports and  leisure facilities

• Water, energy and data networks

Our solid know-how in rock and geotechnical engineering covers services from feasibility studies to demanding foundation engineering construction including:

• Underground facilities and spaces

• Foudations of structures and buildings

• Subgrade reinforcements

• Foundation reinforcement

• Supported excavations

• Open pit excavation in demanding environs

• Ground water management and drainage

• Traffic route structures

Our services also comprise inspection and excpert supervision functions, programming of soil and bedrock investigations, geological services, and training, development activities and compiling guidelines.