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Traffic and logistics

Servitisation and digitalisation provide opportunities for service and process efficiency improvement and renewal. Along with traditional planning and consulting, our traffic and logistics services comprise digital services for fairway maintenance, mobility and transportation.

We also offer traffic information service solutions, related consultation services, and the preparation of overall and outsourcing solutions. The services we provide enable the development of traffic automation, robotisation and MaaS (Mobility as a Service) services.

liikennelaskenta_pieniTransport research
We turn our transport research into information for traffic and transport planning and service development. By digitalising our data collection and research methods, we can build a better information base, and produce a better situation analysis.


mallinnus_pieniTraffic modelling
We comprehensively model and study the traffic system requirements and the impacts of traffic solutions.


aly_pieniTraffic information service solutions
Our traffic information service solutions allow us to offer our customers comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date traffic information.

Consultation related to mobility services, digitalisation, development and applications

litu_pieniTraffic safety and assessibility
In our traffic safety work, the emphasis is on creating a safe environment and on promoting attitudes and practices that promote health and safety.


2017_liipy_150x104Mobility management
We promote sustainable and healthy mobility, and help our customers solve problems arising from private motoring.

Leppis_pieniTraffic system work
With comprehensive transport system planning and work, we support the effective use of community resources in addition to creating the prerequisites for safe mobility and flowing transport deliveries.

We create the facilities for user-oriented, high-quality and effectively organized public transport.


2016_henkiloliikenne_3_lev150Passenger transport
We offer an extensive service package for municipal passenger transport planning, which includes everything from the planning of transportation methods and procurement to intermodal passenger transport planning. In our work, we take fully into account the opportunities provided by digitalisation and the requirements of open data.

PrintMobility as a service (MaaS)
We are eagerly paving the way for new mobility services, and have built an extensive partner network to promote this goal. We offer a wide range of MaaS services from specialist consultation and planning to operating services.


2017_sahkoinen_liikenne_ev_130x92Electronic traffic
With its considerable range of expertise, Sito is equipped to provide versatile electronic traffic services. Our extensive partnership network provides any additional competence required.

Strategic planning

2016_liikennejarjestelmatyo_150levTransport system work
We are actively involved in the modernisation of transport system work. Our goal is to make the process more efficient and experimental and to pay more attention to information and customer needs, and to engage new players.

Rail traffic2Rail traffic
We see the significance of rail traffic from the perspective of Finland’s competitive edge as an important target for development. We serve our customers’ sustainable development, environmental orientation and keeping customer needs in consideration.

We ensure, with the development of the logistics system, the sustainable competitiveness of society and enterprises as well as potential for growth.