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Our service provision extends all the way from the entire traffic system-specific strategy of operational planning to traffic planning concerning our living environment and construction period specialist tasks.

We emphasise new traffic policies in our work as well as the ability to take changes in the operational environment into consideration in additon to a genuine and participatory user-orientation. We ensure on our part functional and effective mobility as well as transport as part of a safe, environmentally friendly and competitive community.
Traffic system work

With comprehensive transport system planning and work, we support the effective use of community resources in addition to creating the prerequisites for safe mobility and flowing transport deliveries.

2016_liikennesuunnittelu_Uppsala1_150levTraffic planning

We ensure, through our strong traffic planning expertise, effective and well-functioning planning solutions for diversified traffic planning sites.


liikenteenhallinta_pieniTraffic management

We ensure that the traffic solutions function by means of our traffic management planning and specialist services all the way from planning to construction.


litu_pieniTraffic safety and wise mobility

We promote safer traffic and traffic environs, wise mobility and taking environmental and comfort perspectives into consideration.



We create the facilities for user-oriented, high-quality and effectively organized public transport.


liikennelaskenta_pieniTransport research

We generate, by means of our comprehensive transport research, information for the planning of transport and the traffic system.

mallinnus_pieniTraffic modelling

We comprehensively model and study the traffic system requirements and the impacts of traffic solutions.



We ensure, with the development of the logistics system, the sustainable competitiveness of society and enterprises as well as potential for growth.

Leppis_pieniRail traffic

We see the significance of rail traffic from the perspective of Finland’s competitive edge as an important target for development. We serve our customers’ sustainable development, environmental orientation and keeping customer needs in consideration.