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Long-term financial planning is a cornerstone of our business.


In addition to our offices in Espoo we have 8 other local offices in Kouvola, Kuopio, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Vaasa and Tampere.

Group Member Companies

Sito Oy (Business ID: 2335445-0)
Managing Director: Tapio Puurunen, Deputy Managing Director: Kimmo Anttalainen

Sito Rakennuttajat Oy (Business ID: 2655301-7)

Arkkitehtitoimisto Mikko Heikkilä Sito Oy (Business ID: 0739728-2)
Managing Director: Harri Tingander

Sito Liikkumispalvelut Oy (Business ID: 2706618-1)
Managing Director: Jaakko Rintamäki

Sito Norge As
Managing Director: Roar Ødegård

Affiliate Companies:

Geotek Oy specializes in geological engineering and soil surveys.

Sito Poland Ltd specializes in virtual modelling and software subcontracting.