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We aim to build a better living environment in all our operations. We offer sustainable solutions which are based on economical and ecological thinking and human well-being.

Our environmental policy

Environmental issues are part of our everyday business. We undertake to develop our operations continuously and also to promote our customers’ level of environmental protection with the services we provide.

The management and all employees of the company have undertaken to comply with the principles of the ERP system under the standard ISO 14001 in all of their operations.

 We have identified the environmental aspects associated with our operations, and we set targets related to them. We review the implementation of both the environmental policy and the targets regularly and develop the operating models, taking into account the changes in service entities, operating environments and legislation.

Tapio Puurunen
Managing Director, Sito Oy


Environment in the project work

For us, it is especially rewarding when we affect the state of the environment and its development through our projects. An integral part of every design project is the responsibility we take for a better and more sustainable environment. We must take in to account user needs, cost-effectiveness, life span, and the environment in all design work.

We implement established methods in designing project life spans such as life span assessments, carbon balance calculations, natural treatment of storm water, and environmental classifications. Change is the only constant, and that is why we thrive to improve our services and actions.

Environmental and social responsibility

Towards a More Sustainable Environment

Responsibility and the environment are important values for Sito, and they are visible in the life of the company and its employees. We are committed to the constant sustainable development of the environment, society and economy.

To us, environmental issues, energy and material efficiency, social responsibility, as well as cultural and economic aspects are basic requirements for a sustainable environment.

Responsibility is visible in our work in the form of ethical actions, open communication, and as mutual respect for each other and our partners. In internal operations, responsibility can be seen in the constant development of our employees’ well-being, health, safety, and professional competence. In addition, we want to partake in forwarding society’s financial well-being.

We bear our environmental responsibility by developing our operations to minimize negative environmental impacts. Responsible choices require vast amounts of knowledge. Therefore, our employees are systematically educated and we fully implement our own environmental programme. By increasing the awareness of responsible choices, we are influencing employees’ ecological choices also outside of work.