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Sito helps Indonesian municipalities build up spatial data infrastructure

In early autumn, Sito provided consultancy assistance to Indonesian municipalities in a WorldBank project

WorldBank’s objective is to develop urban planning in Indonesia in urban areas with very high population growth, but where urbanization does not promote economic growth or raise the standard of living as expected. The project strives to affect the challenges of urbanization by means of planning: by allocating sufficient amount of land for housing development in land use planning; by building and planning route networks and transportation systems; and by guaranteeing supply of power, clean water and sewerage in the areas where people live.

Controlled steering of urban development requires good data on the prevailing situation, including up-to-date population and property registers in digital format; base maps; route network data attached to location information; and good tools for analyzing such data.

Sito was tasked with creating a roadmap for the municipalities involved for developing spatial data infrastructure and data management in such a manner that it will serve the needs of urban planning as well as possible. In Indonesia, Sito distributed information about the European INSPIRE directive and Finnish recommendations and practices for the standardization of data and data distribution channels. In the Indonesian municipalities, Sito’s goals are to develop sharing of data and promoting the ideology of open data.