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Coordination of the Kruunusillat bridge – project , Helsinki, Finland

The Kruunusillat traffic connection is an exceptionally large, complex, and exciting project. It includes Finland’s longest bridge connection between Korkeasaari and Kruunuvuorenranta, and two other bridges. The project also covers a streetcar line, pedestrian and bicycle lanes, and the related arrangements between Laajasalo and downtown Helsinki.

Among the project participants are various branches of the city’s administration, consultants, and stakeholder groups. Sito is responsible for coordinating the Kruunusillat project, including monitoring and coordinating the planning tasks in zoning and various technical fields, and maintaining project schedules.

Our work encompasses coordinating street planning, environmental and license issues, information management, communications, interaction, and risk management. Around 25 Sito employees are actively involved in the project.

The current transportation network does not guarantee functional traffic for the future areas of Laajasalo and Kruunuvuorenranta. The objective of the Kruunusillat project is to ensure smooth, competitive, and comfortable public transportation connections for the Laajasalo growth area. The project will also improve the connections to Korkeasaari. The Kruunusillat project will promote sustainable transportation by increasing the share of walking, cycling, and public transportation in Helsinki. The project will have an impact on the entire public transportation system in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The City of Helsinki Public Works Department is responsible for the Kruunusillat project. No decision has been made yet on the implementation of the project. The design processes of the various sections are at different stages. Preliminary design is being performed in some parts of the project area, while street planning is being initiated in other sections. There are several alternatives for the route location both downtown and in Yliskylä. Also underway are the investigation of the project as a whole and its costs, and the creation of a project plan that will provide the basis for decision-making. If the decision to build is made in 2016, construction could begin in 2018 and the streetcar line could be opened in 2023–2024.

Sito’s management consultants will assist the customer in coordinating risk management, communications, and interaction in the Kruunusillat project. Risk management has included organizing risk workshops using the “Vision Workshop” method, coordinating the risk management team, and drawing up a risk management plan. Communications and interaction has included planning communications, assisting in inviting bids for communications consultant services, coordinating the work of the communications team, and coordinating the interaction between residents and decision-makers. The work has been exciting and inspiring. It is great to be involved in such an interesting project!

Contact persons:

Ari Savolainen (project coordination)
Mirka Härkönen (communication/coordination)
Hanna Askola (risk management)
Jouni Maidell (project management)