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International consulting services for municipal spatial data infrastructure (MSDI)

Sito has specified and set up municipal SDI’s (spatial data infrastructure) for more than 50 municipalities in Finland. We have also been consulting The World Bank and two Indonesian cities for setting up the MSDI.


Sito is a Finnish consulting company focusing in infrastructure, traffic, logistics, land use, environment and digital services. We help cities and infrastructure owners to gain cost-efficiency by digitalizing urban planning, construction and maintenance. More than 500 experts offer high-quality services at 12 locations in Finland, Norway and Poland.

Municipal spatial data infrastructure (MSDI)

In urban planning, a wide variety of fresh digital data are needed, including up-to-date population and property registers, base maps, route networks, as well as relevant tools for analyzing such data. Sito has specified and set up municipal SDI’s (spatial data infrastructure) for more than 50 municipalities in Finland, as well as for cities of Denpasar & Semarang (Indonesia) in a World Bank project in 2016-2017. Sito’s teams are built of urban planning architects, project managers and IT/geospatial engineers that together provide a combination of expertise in urban development processes, data, applications and IT systems.


Case “SDI Hackathon”: toolkit for networking and accelerating digital innovations in urban development.

Digital tools for municipalities

Sito develops software applications to be used in the whole life-cycle of urban development in cities. Our applications are used to maintain land & real estate registers, city planning data, or building permits. In Finland, more than 50 municipalities (e.g. http://kartta.hel.fi/?setlanguage=en) use our applications that rely on OGC standards, local MSDI, open interfaces, and globally scalable cloud delivery.

Case City of Espoo: simulate LED lighting in a 3D model.

Future is 3D

Practically all physical infrastructure and urban spaces are already now planned and designed as 3 dimensional models, also in developing countries. Hence, we believe that MSDI’s will soon be 3D as well. We help municipalities and infrastructure owners to streamline their key processes by managing their 3D data efficiently